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Salem Haunted Happenings for 2016

 Similar to Halloween, “Haunted Happenings” is a festival and pleasurable experience for thousands of people every year. If you want to enjoy such a unique event, come to Salem to become a part of it. Salem haunted happenings for 2016 include Haunted Biz Baz Street Fair, Grand Parade, costume balls, Family Film Nights, and ghost tours. If you want to listen to some mysterious stories about the families that have previously lived in such a house, learn more about this special event:

  • You can stay in a Salem haunted house even at night as there will be bed & breakfast secured. For staying overnight, you will have the unique chance to enjoy live music, stories about mysteries and ghosts. Also, you will have the chance to personally experience this unusual event by dressing some of our spooky costumes and have the appropriate makeup.

  • As you know, Salem haunted happenings start in October, so planning this event way in advance is of the utmost importance. Have in mind that you have to begin arranging your stuff a few months before that as over 250,000 people participate in these events every year. Accommodations are available both during the week and during the weekends.

  • People come to Salem for many different reasons, so we can schedule this event for you and organize something really interesting and unique. What you also have to know is that Salem is the busiest city during the weekends. So, if you want to participate in this holiday but have а more calm visit, we would recommend you to visit it one of the week days in October. Let us organize your haunted accommodations. The only thing you should do is relax and enjoy the experience of your life.

  • Are you ready to explore Salem’s landmarks? We will determine the best program for you and your family. We encourage you to use the guide of Haunted Happenings to become more familiar with this wonderful event. You can benefit from the multiple maps, brochures, and directions.


Do you really need something extraordinary in Salem, MA to get away from the boring everyday life? By all means, plan your Salem haunted happenings for 2016. You can book your stay with The Daniels House at (978) 744-5709.

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