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Annual Salem Haunted Happenings in October 2014

All you Need for This Year’s Haunted Happenings Is a Nice Bed & Breakfast Where to Stay, Energetic Friends, and More Courage

If you have already found a group of friends that like travelling to extraordinary tourist destinations, a nice B&B where to stay, and a good camera to capture all those spooky memories that you are about to collect, then you are ready to come to Salem this October! Continue reading

Hotel or Guest House?

What is the difference between these accommodation options?

Hotel accommodation is used for only a few nights of rest. Due to this, many hotels may offer a Continental breakfast, this is an array of fruits, yogurts, cereals, breads, and at times, batter for making waffles. Most hotels are built more like complex style living, with uniform rooms, bedding, and decor. Some hotels are also part of a chain, operated by a conglomeration that has a set theme throughout every hotel. Continue reading

Salem Event Calendar for August 2013

Our Bed & Breakfast Family Hotel Recommends Some Special events Worth Visiting This Month

Although The Daniels House is a family owned and operated bed & breakfast hotel, we are not only familiar with the sightseeing tours worth visiting around Salem, MA but also keep ourselves updated with the event program in town. If you plan to visit us in August, you better read on and keep yourselves informed about the special events you may become a part of. Continue reading