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Salem Event Calendar for August 2013

Our Bed & Breakfast Family Hotel Recommends Some Special events Worth Visiting This Month

Although The Daniels House is a family owned and operated bed & breakfast hotel, we are not only familiar with the sightseeing tours worth visiting around Salem, MA but also keep ourselves updated with the event program in town. If you plan to visit us in August, you better read on and keep yourselves informed about the special events you may become a part of. Continue reading

Top 5 Touristic Sites Salem MA Can Offer

Find guest houses and Attractions Around the Historical “Witch City”

If you are interested to learn more about the Salem witch trials and want to dip yourself into the colonial atmosphere of a small town in Massachusetts, then Salem is the best vacation destination for you. There are  plenty of guest houses you can book around, and visit enchanted sites, and even partake in a ritual at one of America’s oldest graveyards, not to mention that you will get the chance to learn whether witches really cast spells. Continue reading