Hotel or Guest House?

What is the difference between these accommodation options?

Hotel accommodation is used for only a few nights of rest. Due to this, many hotels may offer a Continental breakfast, this is an array of fruits, yogurts, cereals, breads, and at times, batter for making waffles. Most hotels are built more like complex style living, with uniform rooms, bedding, and decor. Some hotels are also part of a chain, operated by a conglomeration that has a set theme throughout every hotel.

bed and breakfastBed and breakfasts however, allow for a more comfortable stay. Breakfast is complimentary, offering a full range of foods to choose from. These types of accommodations are usually homes that are rented out to people, meaning that they are usually independently owned.

Regarding staff, hotels are fully equipped with a large body of staff. This staff is required to perform a wide range of duties, including room service, cleaning the rooms, washing the linens, operating the banquet halls, checking the guests in, and whatever else the guests may need. B&Bs come with a small body of staff, who engage with the guests, often treating them like family. The main goal is to get closer to the guests, making them feel at home, and welcome, as opposed to sterilely performing tasks for them.

Regarding the food, hotels will hire a chef to do the cooking, this unfortunately drives up the price of the hotel accommodations. The cooking is uniform. However, food at most B & B accommodations is prepared by the owners, some even are of a gourmet level, yet the atmosphere is more of an informal quality.

Unlike hotel accommodations, B & B accommodations change their prices depending on the peak season, and slow seasons. Unfortunately this does mean that room rates may range, going from very desirable, to outlandish in any given season. Hotels have the added luxury of offering discounts to frequent guests. But, some hotels charge for using the amenities, including snacks, bottled water, certain television channels, etc. B & Bs will come fully equipped with all the amenities any guest may require.

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